An Arrival and a Departure

It is with great pleasure that I can announce the USS Onnar has joined us from the faraway Beta Quadrant to aid in our ongoing mission to explore the unknown and continuously expand the final frontier as we proceed in the Gamma Quadrant. The Onnar has already established a great story which they have been able to replicate to the Gamma Quadrant. I as well as the rest of the Task Force Senior Staff look forward to the new discoveries made by the Excalibur Class vessel and its crew.

The new Excalibur class vessel

While the arrival of the Onnar brings great joy, I sadly also have less joyous news. Due to health issues the Commanding Officer of the USS Chimaera has had to resign his position. The Task Force Senior Staff fully understands and respects his decision and will welcome him back with open arms when he recovers. Out of recognition of and respect for the very unique story developed by the Commanding Officer and that no other person can truly do it justice, the Task Force Senior Staff has decided not to pursue a replacement Commanding Officer and to close the Chimaera. We wish the CO the best of luck on his road to making a full recovery.

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