Admiralty Changes

As with all things good, nothing lasts forever. Following years of dedication and work for which we can never be thankful enough, greenfelt22 the Task Force 72 Commanding Officer has resigned from the Admiralty. He will be missed. May you find infinite writers and no Mary Sues in that retirement pond and good luck.

While the departure of a member of the Admiralty is sad, it also brings about the addition of one. In this case I can even announce the addition of two.

First, is KrisK. Over the past months she has proven herself a capable coder and a reliable member of the Internet office. As such it brings me great pleasure that she has been confirmed as our Bravo Fleet Internet Officer. KrisK will be using Rear Admiral Karin Mayra as her NPC.

Second, JonM. Jon has a long history in BF and the BFA and he has been so gracious to step out of retirement and spend a few minutes away from the literal cutest kid ever(Big <3) to carry on the legacy of the frog. Rear Admiral Aria Edir will surely bring further greatness to the Alpha Quadrant, the second best Quadrant in the galaxy 😛 .

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