A Survey on Fleet Reform

Dear members,

Two and a half years ago Bravo Fleet engaged on an operation of massive reform of its internal structure and way of operations. Many of these changes were inspired and proposed by you, the membership of Bravo Fleet. It has shown to all of us that you are able to expose us to new perspectives that we did not consider before.

In our eternal effort to improve the Fleet we all love, the Bravo Fleet Admiralty is once again engaging on reform. Just like before, we would like your input for this. The Bravo Fleet Command Council has prepared a survey on several proposals raised in the discussion to enhance our system of governance to reinforce representation and ownership of the policies taken by the Bravo Fleet Admiralty and Bravo Fleet at large.

Your responses will be entirely anonymous. While we do collect some information to categorize responses (Membership status, CO status and Task Forces), none of these can be used to identify you. So feel free comfortable to fill it in as honestly as you desire. The survey can be found at https://forms.gle/Gun1VD7J38Z9FoB56.

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