2 Sims joins Task Force 99

Task Force 99 has gained two new sims. Please help me welcome Commodore Nilani Azulas and Commander James Turner. Both of these sims offer a new and exciting opportunity to look at alternate universe sims. One being staged in the Mirror Universe, while the other one is in New Ex

In 2392, everything we believed in, everything we had achieved, was lost. The once mighty powers of the quadrants, having once survived the onslaught of the Dominion War, were reduced to rubble as each sought to survive in their own way. Starfleet, the defenders of the peace, was now nothing more than a ragtag group of misfits simply hoping to live to fight another day. Without the many worlds and starbases that had once made up its vast empire, long range communication was impossible and thus, there was no way to coordinate survival efforts. 

Season 1 will see the Empire expansion process being pushed. It will see the Malicious lead the Imperial fleet into Klingon space and invaded its former colonies and slaved planets. There will be munity from alien crew and ships feeling the pressure of the faceless Emperors anti-alien policies. Though apart of the Imperial Fleet, like all Terrans, Malicious is alone, this isn’t the Federations Starfleet were you can trust and rely on your fellow officers, any sign of weakness and you’re challenged.

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