Project Khitomer 2020

February 22, 2020 • 3pm GMT (10am EST)





3p GMT • 10a EST

Opening Ceremonies


4p GMT • 11a EST

Discovery of the Picard Effect
NX-1701-G (Zodiac Fleet)

Engineers & Technobabble
WillVoy & Qazzy (Theta Fleet)

5p GMT • 12p EST

Developing Consenting Relationships
German Galven (Starbase 118)

Writing Mysteries and Twists, and How Much Do You Tell the Crew?
AlexM (Pegasus Fleet)

6p GMT • 1p EST

A Look at Nova NextGen
AgentPheonix (Anodyne Productions)

Writing With Canon
Ceciri Ariadust (Starbase 118 /22nd Fleet)

7p GMT • 2p EST

Running a Starbase Sim
Beautiful Night (Theta Fleet)

Writing Disabled Characters
Sheila Bailey (Starbase 118)

8p GMT • 3p EST

Character Creation
Amethyst (Pegasus Fleet)

Using the Principle of “Yes, and…”
Kathryn Burke (Theta Fleet)

9p GMT • 4p EST

Co-Current Multiple Mission Plan
Kate (Zodiac Fleet)

Joining Large Sims: Overcoming and Succeeding
ConfusedFIre (22nd Fleet)

10p GMT • 5p EST

Clicking in a Clique
Amethyst (Pegasus Fleet)

Simming: Where Is It Going Next?
Obsidian Fleet

11p GMT • 6p EST

Amethyst (Pegasus Fleet) & NX-1701-G (Zodiac Fleet)

Designing Missions For Your Class Type
Billy (USS Sutherland)

12a GMT • 7p EST

Closing Ceremonies


How to join the Project

Be sure to join us on Discord for our second event!